Callum confirms Jaguar Crossover in works

An SUV with a Jag badge is coming no time soon according to Jaguar design head, Ian Callum, who stated that the British brand would rather come up with a crossover, and leave the SUV for the sister brand Land Rover.

This is not coming as a big shocker for Jag fans, as Jaguar Brand Director, Adrian Hallmark has been reporting a crossover in works for over a year now. Moreover, with Land Rover already dominating the off-road segment, there is no need of Jaguar to reckon SUVs.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Callum clearly mentioned that Jaguar is planning to go for a crossover, and it was speculated as a cat-badged SUV. He also mentioned that there was no need to go for a mainstream SUV, as the sister brand Land Rover already dominates as the world’s best off-road SUV builder.

Callum confirms Jaguar Crossover in works

In talks at Geneva with Australia’s Car Advice, Jaguar’s design boss, Ian Callum, mentioned that, “ SUV as such is out of the question. We have a sister company that produces the best SUVs in the world.”

Ian went on to say that “ SUV is too utilitarian for Jaguar, but maybe there are some grey areas in between we could investigate”. On being asked if he had sketched the design of the crossover, Callum gave a subtle expression. It is expected to make extensive use of aluminum for weight reduction and feature four-wheel drive.

Speaking of which, a few weeks ago, we bought you the spy images of the Jaguar XF Allroad, and we speculate that it could be the Jag-badge crossover Callum was talking about. However, it has a long way to go until the British brand comes up with a four-wheel drive platform for the XF. Expect at least 2015.

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