CAPTUR: a new concept car by Nissan-Renault

Mr. Carlos Ghosn, CEO, Nissan-Renault Motors, unveiled a new concept car. This car is christened as CAPTUR (yes with all letters in capital). Mr Ghosn, really seemed happy to introduce this new car to the outside world in the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. This concept car has an athletic body mixed with a cute stance. This two seater car is powered by a dCi 160 TT engine. This car is supposed to deliver a fun driving experience. Since, this car is a concept car, it delivers best performance at an extremely low CO2 emission. According to Mr. Laurens Van den Acker, Director of Design, Renault-Nissan Motors, this car is a crossover between a sporty and a fun car. CAPTUR is targeted at the young and enthusiastic couple who want to discover the world.

From the inside this car provides an realm of enthusiasm. Why so? Because the interior designer of this car Julio Lozano explains that, “my main sources for the inspiration behind the design of this car were various radical sports and athletes. When I was in the initial phase of designing the interiors, I thought about various athletes’ right there on the starting block. I can see their muscles flexing and tensing and the unleashed energy as soon as the pistol is fired in the air.” This design has also a mix of various other elements like helmets, protective gear and gloves which are used in various radical sports. CAPTUR has also various other cool features that will attract the youth. The convertible hardtop and those butterfly doors add an extra appeal to this car. CAPTUR is also getting limelight for its Visio System which is supposed to synthesize and re-synthesize the real life images of the road ahead.

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