Car Crash Turned Biker Into A Fireball

A motorbike rider in the city of Quzhou, situated at Zhejiang province of Eastern China, turned into a fireball when met a car accident on the streets while crossing the signal on his two-wheeler.

The 32-year old victims grasped into flames within a jiff soon after he tried crossing the streets on his motorbike and collided with the side of car.

A bystander named Kang Liao, 22 witnessed this incident to the core, said, this man was shot in the air after hitting the car and soon landed on the ground completely doused in flames. Liao then throws off his jacket to blow the fire off where without wasting time he also called the ambulance.

Car Crash Turned Biker Into A Fireball

Luckily, the motorcycle rider was reported to have went through only minor burns, but now in stable condition.

Looking minutely to the CCTV footage captured in the vicinity lighted the cause, emerging as the fuel-tank was spilled and friction caused by the bike screeching down the street sparked the fire.

Appropriately, there aren’t more details leaked off the case but as certainly all went fine, so no one shall be dismayed at all. After all, China is a socialist country and they understand it very well.

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