Carmakers open their gate to App Developers

Technology is an important part which is integrated with the car. Though carmakers can be very good in developing technologies for drivetrain and other mechanisms but they lack somewhere to connect their users to the futuristic hi-tech world. Most of the people use smart phones which enable them with all the smartness in their fist, but it is a fact that they use very rare of it while driving a car. In other words it can be said that, our automobiles still needs to pace up to comply the furiously changing tech-world. This has been identified by the Ford and General Motors and that’s why the duos launched a program at the international CES show which invites application from the app developers for their new models. It sounds like what the new age Thomas Edison-Steve Jobs did for the Apple in 2007.

At present, Ford Pandora radio app is facing some technical issues regarding voice recognition. This same kind of issue is also faced by GM in its iHeart Radio app but the carmaker took a step further and made collaboration with Apple Siri to overcome this technical layback. Pandora and iHeart are not the only attempt which is made by carmakers, there are various others as well which is going down the same lane of inefficiency.

Carmakers open their gate to App Developers
It is also learnt that Hyundai Blue Link technology is one such successful app. It syncs with users iPhone or android phones and provides them with the car info like tire pressures, fuel meter and airbags condition.  It is successfully working on its Sonata model and will soon be made available on others too.

Recently, it came to known that one Ford carmaker is working on the model which will provide entry in a car with smart phones instead of highly advanced keys. In addition to it, one major future development which is still under process is ‘driver-less car’.

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