Centre gives the nod for Quadricycles

A decade since it bagged quite a controversy over Quadricycles between three wheeler manufacturer and the car makers, Government of India has now approved the new dimensions of the automobiles called Quadricycles.

The basic concept behind the new range of vehicles, which are basically a four-wheeler fitted with a smaller engine that lies between the three-wheeler and four-wheeler passenger car and does not meet the safety and emission standard of passenger cars but does have their own set of rules.

The Ministry of Road has initiated a technical committee to look into the various aspects including safety norms and other regulations that will help the government to form a policy for these new-generation of vehicles. Currently only Europe has Quadricycle segment.

Centre gives the nod for Quadricycles

The clear beneficiary of the policy will be Bajaj Auto’s RE60 four-wheeler which was revealed at the auto expo in January. However, this segment is sure to raise some interest in the key players like Mahindra and Mahindra, Piaggio and even TVS, thus giving it a potential to become a mass segment.

Initially Tata Motors branded Nano as quadricycle but this was strongly resisted by the industry that constrained the formation of quadricycle category. This forced Tata to develop Nano a full passenger car.

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