Check out the Cool Aftermarket Sunroof of Ford EcoSport

Final word on Ford EcoSport was delivered in this week, and now we have started getting the reports that there are people in the industry who are ready with their sorts of accessories for lugging newbie Ford EcoSport with an added dose of charm. And here we had brought to you is the ‘Webasto 300 Deluxe Medium’ sunroof.

We know many of you will have the objection that there is no point to have a sunroof in the country like India where there is a tremendous amount of heat. And this sunroof for an additional amount is a complete no-no. Hence, we tell you, this is not an ordinary sunroof but is the one which is known to be as Spoiler Type sunroof. It comes with inbuilt sunshade under the glass and the glass opens itself outside of the car (forming a spoiler type shape when seen from outer).

If still that doesn’t excites you then let us explain, it functions on the command of electrical orders which has the standard feature of ‘Auto Close’ and ‘Anti Pinch’. Under the former term, the roof closes automatically when you switch off your car, whereas in the latter one glass goes back in-case where it feels an obstruction while closing.

Ford EcoSport

The roof takes three hours for installation and comes with 2 pre-set memory options.

Well, we know one is still drooling over the term Webasto. Hence, it is an OEM for many big wigs of auto fraternity and has been carrying out its operation in India since many years back. It is founded by Wilhelm Baier Senior in 1908 near Munich and since then it has spread its existence throughout the world.

Ford EcoSport in India

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  1. Is it suitable with ecosport titanium diesel 2017 flyaudio editon and what will be the total cost and is it available in nagpur(Maharashtra)????

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