Chevrolet CN100 MPV spotted

Chevrolet is fully equipped to start its SAIC endeavor at Wulling. The first vehicle that has been planned is a MPV accommodating seven passengers.

Sources of Indian Drives have been able to gain access to pictures of this proposed MPV. The car has now been provided with neater look. The bow tie and chrome grille of the Chevrolet has perfectly blended with its two elongated headlamps. The car is known in the Chinese auto market as the CN-100 and is expected to be sold having seven seat configuration, in which the last row seats can be foldable. The car is going to get its power from the multi-jet 1.3L diesel engine made by Fiat.

If the cost of this vehicle can be kept down by Chevrolet, there is no stopping this vehicle from achieving a considerable success. This will be a further boost to its American maker, which is experiencing resurgence at this moment.

Chevrolet CN100 MPV spotted

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