Chevrolet Trailblazer is all set to be revealed

Very soon Chevrolet will be throwing the covers off their latest mean machine, which carries the name Trailblazer on it. Bangkok will serve as the host to the launch of this aggressive looking SUV as the Bangkok Motor Show is slated to take place next week. Thailand has been the hub for light-weight trucks and thus owing to this fact, Chevrolet decided to launch Trailblazer here. There are fair chances of the car making its way to India in the upcoming few months or probably next year and Chevy enthusiasts in India are keeping their fingers crossed as it strongly appears that as soon as Trailblazer rolls into Indian roads, it will have to lock horns with Toyota Fortuner as well as Ford Endeavour which are presently two of the most sold SUVs in India. These two SUVs are quite popular in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia so the Trailblazer will be set to roll amongst highly agile competitors.

General Motors has fixed its Halol facility as the manufacturing unit for Trailblazer as this unit presently facilitates CKD operations. The body line of the car is attractive and aggressive. It is bound to appeal the customers and along with that, the car boasts of impressive ergonomics which makes the car a tough competitor in the league of SUVs. According to Chevrolet, Trailblazer is one of the best SUVs that they have made since a long time as the car fares well both in terms of mileage while giving optimum performance and the driver gets to feel the power of the engine as soon as he presses the throttle.

Chevrolet Trailblazer is all set to be revealed

The core designing team of Chevrolet works in Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil and the Trailblazer was designed at the South American Design Center of General Motors. The designers claimed that they wanted to come up to a body-in wheels-out sort of design in order to give the car a meaner look. The pillar-less rear of the car along with the dropping roof give a sporty look to the car and the rising beltline also adds to the sporty quotient. The tires attached to the car are highly durable with optimum traction control and have been fitted with six large spoke alloy wheels giving an altogether tough appeal to the car. It is being speculated that the Trailblazer will be more spacious than both Fortuner and Endeavour.

Chevrolet Trailblazer is all set to be revealed

Under the hood the Trailblazer boasts of a lot of power and comes in two engine variants respectively. One is 2.8 L pushing a power of 180 bhp whereas the other is 2.5 L giving out a power of 150 bhp. Both engines run on diesel and thus the demand of the car will be subsequently more in India owing to the fact that India has been witnessing skyrocketing price rise of fuels since a long time now and thus more people are inclined towards diesel cars than petrol cars and this is the reason why Trailblazer is said to garner a lot of response once it makes its way to India.

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