China closes Hyundai Beijing Plant for Pollution Bizarre

China stopped the productions of various factories and other similar institutions in order to put a haul on the soaring PM2.5 particle in the air. These particles were waiving the measurement analog at 200 – 400 per cubic meter against the normal standard of 15 (on an average) to the maximum limit of 65. It also ended the Sunday evening with a recording of 886 per cubic meter.

In order to curb these dangerous figures, 48 sites including constructions, refineries and chemical plants had pulled a brake on their working force. They were aligned with 41 other factories which also include Hyundai Motor Beijing.

Even so far, the 10,000 cases of respiratory disorders which are daily attended by children’s hospital do not tends to fall.

China closes Hyundai Beijing Plant for Pollution Bizarre
These adopted measures are the part of eight year plan which China had applied to reduce the harmful contributions in air. It also claims that it had seen a drop of around 40% in the past 14 years.

Last but not the least, all credit for the blown up PM2.5 goes to industrial production, vehicle emitted carbon foot prints and the use of coal in winter season for keeping household warm.

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