China Lands Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi in a Fuss over the Use of Asphalt in Their Cars

As the days passes by Chinese are becoming more and more peculiar about their safety in cars and other such day to day use materials, and does also tightens rules and regulation so that its citizens are relied in safe hands of governing body. This time it seems German carmakers, who are known for their best sort of automobiles in world, have been dropped of their luck and are landed in a fuss over the use of asphalt in their cars, as alleged by investigation team of China’s Defective Products Administration Center (DPAC).

This issue was first brought to public notice by China Central Television, which was then diverted into active force by DPAC, as was reported a strong odor inside the car by their owners that was inclining them towards unpleasant feel of bitumen fumes, considered to be dangerous for human beings due to “carcinogens” being its content.

Shredding off the dust from their shoulders, Mercedes Benz salesman said to a media – Chinese Daily that the bitumen used in their makes are completely different form the one which is used for making roads, as it is modified with polymers. To an addition, it is a famous material in global auto industry and is not harmful at all.

Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi

On the same side of flip, a spokesperson of Mercedes Benz said to Chinese Daily, “We would like to assure all of our customers that Mercedes-Benz uses no materials in the making of our cars that represent any health risks and is fully cooperating with the authorities to gain their recognition and support for this view,”

Meanwhile, no one has contacted from BMW to the media, nor so had released any sort of explanation by means of press release and other such materials.

On conclusion, if DPAC will find that bitumen is used to avoid noise or vibrations then the automakers will be burgeoned with hefty fines and would also have to recall all the affected metals.

It is not that limited, DPAC too is urging car owners to file a complaint on their official website, who had found bitumen under the floormats.

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