China’s First Supercar – Qiantu K50 Event – Unveiled At Shanghai Auto Show

Specific only for copying and fakes, China to overcome those claims stamped by its own action has unveiled the country’s first supercar at Shanghai Auto Show.

Qiantu K50 Event, the supercar is an electric drive and is based on the concept of CH Auto Event unveiled last year. The production version was already confirmed by the maker Qiantu Qiche.

Talking about its business, the car delved with electric motor is made to deliver power of 400PS and 650Nm of torque to rear wheels. And 0-100 km/h is claimed achievable in the statement within five seconds. A single charge could make it run approximately 200 km. The time taken to charge the 41.1kWh lithium-ion battery is six hours on 220V. Thus, the aforesaid specified specifications are satisfactory for a beast weighing only 1685 kg.

Before discussing its design, to say specifically maker has put on offer two version, a road-legal and a race-spec.

China's First Supercar - Qiantu K50 Event - Unveiled At Shanghai Auto Show

The latter wears full body kit with aerodynamics that comes inclusive of front and rear diffusers, side skirts and air intakes embellished in the rear fenders. The former option, road-legal, too isn’t ugly either to look at with those goodies ripped off.

China's First Supercar - Qiantu K50 Event

Just like exteriors, believably, interior too is differentiated for both the trims. Leather covers the entire plot including dashboard, steering-wheel and door cards. The LCD screen provided on central console for infotainment system is particularly of a smaller size, but does the job purposefully.

China's First Supercar – Qiantu K50 Event

Though, the launch dates of Qiantu K50 Event aren’t specified at the moment. But looking down to its competition, the Tesla and Aoxin got a serious competitor to deal with.

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