Chinese FAW considering West Bengal and Gujarat for investment

With local auto firms such as Tata Motors confronted problems in the state of West Bengal, the site is still under debate together with Gujarat by a well-known Chinese automobile giant, First Automotive Works (FAW).

The company is not new to the Indian market and is already marketing automobile components for trucks as well as buses in an association with Kolkata based firm.

If the red dragon car manufacturer proposes to establish a manufacturing division in the city of Kolkata than it will function as a completely possessed Chinese company and not in coalition with other firm, Zhang Lizhong.

Chinese FAW considering West Bengal and Gujarat for investment
The automobile company is eyeing to establish a manufacturing facility in the Tata Indian market and is taking two states including Gujarat and Bengal into account for it.

The land allocation would not be a problem as First Automotive Works’s Indian associate already possesses land that is enough for the project.

China’s consul-general in Kolkata stated that he didn’t rule against the troubles that surrounded the area in past times and stated Chinese companies would be careful and alert about their past investments in the state.

Recently, Dongfang Electric Company Ltd that is among the most important power plant equipment firm of China forward its representatives to check the prospect of making foray in the Indian market.

With the Chinese access in the nation, it would be harsh for domestic firms to maintain the margins as these firms are considered to present things at affordable rates.

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