Competition Commission of India Investigating Anti-Competitive Practices in the Auto Sector

Car makers are being investigated by CCI (Competitive Commission of India) for so called anti-competition practices in their business organizations.

While responding to a query in Lok Sabha, Mr. Sachin Pilot, Corporate Affairs Minister, stated whether fair trade regulator has forwarded notifications to 17 key auto makers for cartelization.

None of the car manufacturers name was disclosed up till now. Auto market head Maruti refused to remark on the matter.

“Data filed with Competition Commission of India against certain car making firms saying anti-competitive practices is under debate,” Pilot stated.

Ashok Chawla to head Competition Commission of India

Around 17 car manufacturers have allegedly abused their leading market place by making spare parts obtainable only via their authorized dealership systems, which in order are charged of marketing spares at lofty rates.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has forwarded show-cause notifications to seventeen auto makers accompanying grievances from auto clients that automobile major giants are marketing parts only via their official traders forcing clients to pay higher rates for automobile constituents.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is authoritative to verify anti-competitive biz deal and mistreating dominant position to take unjustified benefits, according to the Competition Act, 2002.

The commission is working under the management of Ashok Chawla, who had handed 12 cement firms with record fines of over $ 1.1 billion for rate fixing.

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