Curves are Out; the New Bigger 2012 Beetle Sheds its Feminine Curves

Volkswagen recently displayed their 2012 Beetle in New York, sporting a more edgy design, which has increased in height, width and length. Almost half of  Beetle’s fans are going to be disappointed after they discover that VW has done away with the iconic car’s classic curves. The new model instead sports narrow windows and a flatter roof. The last overhaul of the car in 1998 appealed to a more feminine audience with its curves and built-in dashboard vase, with even the advertisements targeting women, with its ‘curves are back’ slogan. With the new model, VW hopes to increase its sales and says that the new transformation will appeal to many more buyers and especially men.

The former sparse interior of the car has seen an improvement, with the 2012 Beetle boasting a larger trunk, navigation system as well as ambient lighting and luxurious materials. The lead project manager for Beetle, Andres Valbuena, said that the new design will tie in with their other line-up of products which are more upscale. The new Beetle which will go on sale by fall next year in the US markets is based on the original Beetle design created in 1930s Nazi Germany. The engine option will include a TSI motor with 197 BHP to give a top speed of up to 225kph, which Volkswagen hopes will resonate among men. You also have the choice of choosing between diesel and petrol engines.

The little four seater, now has more appealing options like an extra glove compartment and color coordinated dashboard ditching the dashboard vase. Other important changes include 12 different choices for color, Sport version, 19″ wheels and a bigger glass roof to get in more sun. The iconic car is also provided with a Fender music system and BlueMotion technology for keeping in check carbon emissions. The Beetle remains an endearing car for many, with many people feeling quite strongly about it. With fuel prices increasing, VW hopes to cash in with this beloved small car, however it remains to be seen how fans will react to its third new avatar.

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