Datsun RediGO AMT Launched In India

Datsun RediGO AMT Launched In India

The Datsun RediGo AMT has been launched in India starting at Rs. 3.81 lakhs. The car has been launched in two trims – the T trim will cost you Rs.3.81 lakhs while the T(S) trim will come in at Rs.3.96 lakhs. This means the AMT versions costs Rs.21000 and Rs.23000 more than their manual counterparts.

The main highlight of the AMT versions is of course the five-speed AMT gearbox which drives power from the 999cc engine to the front wheels.

Like other AMT-equipped cars on the market, the Redigo’s transmission can be used in a sequential-like manual mode as well. Unlike the Kwid AMT, which shares its underpinnings and engines with the Redigo, the AMT on Datsun’s budget hatch also features something called the ‘Rush Hour’ mode, which is meant to make commute in cities a bit easier.

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