DC Avanti India Launch On April 15

Nothing is too late for the makers like DC. After all, it has made the India’s first supercar, Avanti, where the deliveries are stated to take place from April 15 followed by the launch on the same day. The official website of the maker has gone on-air. And with this advancement in its marketing strategies, it seems Avantis will hold no more to unleash their performance on our roads officially.

DC Avanti is a mid-engine sports car powered by a 2.0-litre engine of Renault sending the max power output of 250bhp at 5500rpm and 366Nm of torque at 2750-5000rpm.  Traction is send to rear wheels via a 6-speedc manual gearbox, and 0-100km/h is reached in 6 seconds along with the top-speed of 200km/h.

Though, one would say, the company too revealed specifications earlier, aren’t there any differences between both of them. To their answers, there are plenty of them. As per the previous claims, Ford’s 2.0-litre EcoBoost was planned to sit in the engine bay, which is now replaced by a Renault machine to keep the cost in check. And the torque is also reduced by certain level.

DC will make available Avanti in four color options: Red, Black, Silver and White, but no green as shown at the Auto Expo. One could find this sports machine sitting hugged to the ground, but the ground clearance of 170mm surely gives it an edge like the cars of other makers that ply swiftly on our roads.

Inside the cabin, Avanti is manufactured like a coupe with two-doors and seating option for two; with none more than the said can get cramped inside it. The India made sports machine for cheap is based on space frame chassis and roll-cage. In dimension it measures, 4565mm at length, 2120mm at width and 2700mm on wheelbase. Those 20-inch wheels take care of the driving needs shod with the 255×35/R20 tyres on front and 295x30R20 at the rear. Stoppage is gained by four discs mated to ABS.

Hence, for those who see sales numbers more than anything else, DC has vowed to sell 2,000 units of Avanti per annum, but as per some rumours the first lot is already sold out, where apparently the bookings for further ones are on.

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