India’s Biggest Car Thief Arrested: More Than 4k Cars Stolen

We have seen the smallest car, a bulkiest SUV, but had anyone thought of the unusual – who is the biggest car thief of India. The said award goes to Anil Chauhan, reported to have stolen “4,552” cars from different parts of the country like Maharashtra, New Delhi and Assam. He is also named in at least 3,355 car-lifting cases across the nation as per the official reports.

Just forty-five year old, he started his career in car heist twenty-five years back. A dropout student of standard XII, Anil initially drove auto-rickshaw in Delhi, where he learnt to make the duplicate keys of cars. No stopping since then, he was on the lookout of police for various cases in different locations.

Now, after the long battle of trace, Guwahati police arrested Anil last week at Azara, on the outskirts of city, with an associate Mamud Choudhury. Anil was found driving a Hyundai Eon at the time of arrest, and owned four ATM cards, four mobile phones and a handmade 9mm pistol. Hence, this isn’t the first time Anil is scuffed. Earlier, the Meghalaya and Delhi Police too have arrested him but he managed to obtain bail.

India's Biggest Car Thief Arrested: More Than 4k Cars Stolen

Anil had tuned to more sophisticated ways of stealing a car in the past years of his profession. His team members posed as company executives hire vehicles, which they steal it by killing the driver. The stolen vehicles were then dispatched to another state with a changed number plate. Though, some even cited Chauhan was also into wildlife smuggling, but nothing concrete proven on that note.

As per the records, the biggest car thief of India was in trait since 1985, the time when Maruti 800 hit the roads of Delhi. This is the first time he was coughed up in North East.

In the investigations, some links were also found in connection with the Congress’s Borkhola MLA Rumi Nath. The thief was in connection to MLA’s wife, and once also sold a luxurious car to him. There were various instances reported where Nath has also issued car passes to Anil for Assembly campus. But it seems the investigation is still half the way. More can of worms have may open soon.

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