December Sales of Ssangyong Motors increased by 53% in Korea

In Korea, Ssangyong Motors witnessed an increase of 53.2 % in the sale of December’12. This exponentially high increment has been derived after comparing the sales figures of December 2012 and December 2011. The Korean carmaker managed to sell 11,871 units in the last month, out of which 5,365 were sold in the local market while the remaining 6,506 were exported to other markets in CKD form.

Apart from the domestic sales, export of the last month also surfaced with an increment of 26%, on comparing the sales figures of the previous year.

Overall the sale of 2012 is 120,717 units – 47,700 sold in local market and 73,017 exported to other countries. The total export of 2012 showed a year-on-year increase of 6.8%.

December Sales of Ssangyong Motors increased by 53% in Korea
Russia played an important part in boosting the export sales figure of 2012 for Ssangyong Motors. Russia alone imported 32,328 units in last year, which is the highest number recorded by the car manufacturer i.e. exporting more than 30,000 units to a single country.

Carmaker says that the increase in exports is because of refreshed version of Kornado C and Kornado Sports model.

Adding to the excitement, Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor, commented, “It is a very meaningful accomplishment that the company achieved the highest growth among the domestic and imported automakers despite a sluggish global economy”. He also added that Ssangyong will continuously show boosting sales figure by following different marketing strategy. Korean carmaker will also increase the exports by launching new models in international market keeping short intervals (of time) between two launches.

With the launch of Ssangyong Rexton in India, Ssangyong motors received an overwhelming response. Demand for their model has surged so much that Mahindra planned to increase its production in order to reduce waiting period.

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