Delhi Auto Expo 2014 Concluded Successfully Witnessing 5.61 lakh Visitors

Delhi Auto Expo 2014 is been successfully concluded on 11th Feb 2014 witnessing 5.61 lakh visitors. Somedaays back, we too reported about the counts of footfalls reached 1.6 lakh, but now as per the final figures which came from the official channel of Auto Expo claims the success of event with more than half a million spectators gathered to flaws the works of automakers around the world.

Mentioned below are the details of the visits paid on each of the days. In addition to it, we also had mentioned the car and bike unveilings that took place at the venue. Hopefully, there seems to a strange nag about the Delhi Auto Expo 2014, and it was, the location of the venue, which in actual falls in the UP state sector but not any of the display/commercialized materials didn’t mentioned it. it was only Delhi throughout the publicity.

Footfalls at Delhi Auto Expo 2014:

[table id=209 /]

Jaguar Land Rover

Other details of Auto Expo- The Motor Show 2014

[table id=210 /]

[table id=212 /]

Fiat Avventura


[table id=211 /]

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