Delivery of Polo Stopped by Volkswagen India with Immediate Effect

It appears that things are going from bad to worse for Volkswagen. After the debacle on the emission software front, the company has stopped delivery of all models of the Polo in India citing ‘technical reasons’. The automaker has asked for stopping delivery with immediate effect and it is limited to a certain number of cars which belong to a particular production period.

As per the Volkswagen management, it has put deliveries on a temporary hold due to technical reasons and is presently evaluating the same. The delivery for those cars which are not affected by this will go on as per schedule. The company has also made it abundantly clear that it has nothing to do with the emission scandal that has rocked it presently.

The company though is yet to make it clear what exactly the technical issue is and which cars will be stopped from deliveries. The production period of cars to be affected is yet to be disclosed by the company and we can await more details on it soon.

Volkswagen was recently embroiled in an emissions scandal and has said that as many as 11 million of its vehicles may have been affected by it. The diesel engines are likely to be most affected by it and this includes those that presently power the Polo, Vento as well as the Skoda Rapid here in India. Volkswagen though is yet to provide clarity on the ongoing situation.

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