Development Of New Mitsubishi Lancer Dropped From The List

Mitsubishi Lancer once may have filled the air with excitement especially that Evo variant that sends some thrilling power down the acceleration when dabbed hard. Usually the surprises at Geneva Motor takes us back again to the excitement board where it starts. But for the Mitsubishi it wasn’t the case at Swiss this year. Rather the maker disappointed us for the reason of shifting market demands. Speaking to a source at the stand, where it portrayed SUVs and electric stuffs, Mitsubishi COO, Mr. Tetsuro Aikawa commented, it is tough for brand to come up with a new Lancer. For the reason of shifting market demands, the manufacturer is unable to churn profits out of the segment. By their indication, it was pretty much clear Japanese carmaker now wants to focus on SUVs and electric powertrains that are current talks of town.

Obviously, it was sad for us the car that once took the storm of rear-wheel driving arenas and still does well if worked out rightly is laid off due to some market reasons.

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