Different types of Audio System in the current market

‘Dude, you have a CD player in you car, turn it on”
“What’s that irritating sound?”
“That’s my CD player, cool na”

If you have ever come across such situation then I guess now you will have a reason to be happy about. Today, I’ll be sharing you the important aspect of enjoying the ride either alone or with your family or friends. Yes, you guessed it right, today I’ll be talking about the in-dash CD players. I know it is so frustrating when you have an audio system that is as good as the old radio set your dad just sent to the junkyard. It produces a lot of crash sounds rather than producing the sweet harmonious sound. You have tried everything even hurling abuses at your audio system but nothing works and now, you think it will cost you more than the total maintenance cost you pay for your car per month. Then, sit back relax and read this article because you don’t need 20,000 rupees in order to get a good sound, what all you need is an in-dash CD player.

I know how important it is to give a treat to your ears while your eyes are fixed on the road continuously. I also know that a perfect environment for listening music is your car, as you are on your own. As soon as you get inside the car and turn up the volume, you are absorbed in your own environment. Nothing matters to you except the road ahead. So, the best way to start entertaining yourself is by introducing your car to the in-dash CD player. Many people choose the old bulky CD player for their cars. Maybe, because of the reason that they come at a relatively cheaper price than the in-dash CD players. But to tell you honestly, besides the fact that these old bulky CD players capture a lot of space on your dock, it also provides you with old rusty quality music.

I know purchasing a new in-dash CD player might be a pain in your bums but then just imagine about the positive aspects of the same and I’m sure your pain will vanish in a jiffy. See till now, you thought that in order to get a quality sound out of your Audio Player you have to spend thousands of rupees but now you don’t need to. So, I don’t think you should mind paying a bit more money than you paid for your old CD player. Now, the question remains which one to purchase which one to avoid. So, here I proudly present you with my list of the existing in-dash CD players in the market and which one has what quality and which lacks what.


According to me, this is the prettiest in-dash CD player from the lot I will be talking about in this article. The clean and the elegant body of this CD player is really distinctive than any of the CD players. One thing that surely caught my attention is the distinctive display. Buttons are placed very elegantly on the player. It looks like as if the button has emerged out of the player and not fitted in separately. With that well built looks one can easily figure out how to handle the same. This system basically gives more emphasis to fun.  Performance is really impressive. But the problem is that the CD changer is really confusing as there are a lot of steps involved in it especially when increasing or decreasing volume. Anyways, there are various positive factors in it which works totally for it. I will give it 4 out of 5 points.


Personally, I like this CD player not because of the performance but because of its looks. This CD player has the best looks (according to me). It’s clean, classy and elegant. The black colour adds to the beauty of this player. All the features are really simple and there is nothing to get confused about. The screen might not be bigger but then it again is elegant to not to make you complain against it. Now the problem comes when we talk about the performance of this player. Sound quality is average and that is the only negative aspect according to me but then it is one of the major issues. So, with a heavy heart I would give it a 2 out of 5 points.


I would say that this is the only good CD player this company has ever produced. Seriously, all the rest of the CD players from this company were a mess especially their controls. Even though this CD player still has some of the trade mark features of it ancestor, it still is good enough to add in my list. Sound quality is good; buttons are placed on the right position. So all in all would give this CD player a decent score of three out of five.


Now, this is again one of the confusing CD players. Right from the screen to everything else this CD player is a mess. Buttons are placed erratically everywhere possible. Quality is good but then the rest of the features don’t appeal to me so I won’t say much about it. Let’s just give my sincere rating to it which is ½ out of 5and I know I’m rude but at the same time I’m being honest.

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