Drive to Discover rally in Honda Amaze commenced from Thiruvananthapuram

Companies doing business in the Indian auto market need to do a lot more than simply selling their automobiles. To ensure that they have a long stay in the Indian market, these companies have to come up with new strategies from time to time. Through these strategies, the companies try to strengthen their relation with the masses. The entire focus is on improving the ‘brand-consumer’ relationship. The companies who have managed to build a strong rapport with their customers are the ones who are currently ruling the Indian automobile market. Be it Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Maruti Suzuki etc, these firms have the image of being reliable which works for them in bringing profits. Trying to get closer to its customer base, Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) has commenced its ‘Drive to Discover’ rally with its recent best seller, Amaze sedan. Honda is one of the firms which has been very active is trying to build a rapport with its Indian customers. This is the 4th season of its ‘Drive to Discover’ rally in the country.

This 4th season of the Drive to Discover rally was commenced from a dealership of Honda located in the state of Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram called as Peninsular Honda. This ‘Drive to Discover’ rally was flagged off in presence of the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Honda Cars Indian Limited (HCIL), Mr. Jnaneswar Sen. Various sources have revealed that with this rally Honda is trying to promote its sedan Amaze and display its strong points. The company will make sure that all the participants have a great time but at the same time it will also exhibit the durability and reliability of its Amaze. The company also plans to share a great deal of information about the technology behind the excellent performance of i-DTEC engine with the participants.

Honda Amaze

Around 18 people will be participating in this ‘Drive to Discover’ rally with Honda Amaze. All of these 18 individuals have a soft corner for cars and travelling. Sources have said that the 18 participants will be divided into 3 legs with 6 participants in each. The company has quite an elaborate plan regarding the distance it wishes to cover through this unique rally. According to the info which has been revealed, all the participants taking a part in this rally will be driving in the Honda Amaze along the eastern coast of our country. The last destination on this rally is the city of Kolkata. On their way to this final destination, the participants will move through various cities and towns like Chennai, Kanyakumari, Vijaypada, Puducherry, Puri, Bhubaneswar, Nellore and Vizag. In this way the cars will cover a total distance of 3000 km in 3 legs.

All the officials at the Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) are pretty excited regarding this rally and all are hoping that this event will receive a lot of attraction. While briefing the media about the ‘Drive to Discover’ rally, Jnaneswar Sen who was present when the rally commenced, said that “We really look forward to the Drive to Discover every year as it has been able to create a niche amongst participants and travel enthusiast across the country. Honda Amaze resonates best in class characteristics in terms of mileage, power and space and there could have been no better choice than the Amaze to undertake the Odysseus journey across the eastern coast. I am sure that the Honda Amaze will enable the drivers to explore the picturesque corners of the country.” He also stated that. The drive is also a good opportunity for us to showcase Honda’s large dealer network spread across the country”. Presently Honda Cars India Limited has a great dealership network of 154 outlets in 98 cities in India

In the past, various other companies in India have also organized such events through which they promote their successful products. For example, the French car maker- Renault, had organized an event in order to promote its best seller, compact SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) Duster. Automobile experts have commented that these events play a very crucial role for those companies who do not go for aggressive marketing campaigns.

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