Ferrari all set to launch their 2012 F1 car

The world famous pairing of Ferrari and Schumacher had won many a races, created many a records and took the racing world by storm. The racing circuits were scorched by the Ferrari-Schumacher combo, resulting in many Formula One Trophies going in their direction. But with Schumacher giving way to others, and Ferrari going for more dastardly and somewhat ‘un-smart’ models in their F1 cars, it seemed that it is the end of Ferrari domination on the circuits. But good news is on the horizon for the car manufacturers, their racing team and all their fans out there. The Ferrari is going to bring in a new model built exclusively for them achieving their Formula One dreams.

The new Ferrari model is said to follow a logical approach while retaining certain features or characteristics that make Ferrari what it is today! The car company wanted to launch the car with some pomp and show, but it was nature who was the spoil sport ruining the event disheartening everyone. The show was supposed to take place at Maranello, but due to heavy snowfall in the region, the event had to be called off.

Ferrari all set to launch their 2012 F1 car

But the team did decide to go ahead and publish the first picture of their 2012 model. The unveiling hadn’t been done in Maranello, but it sure was protected from the nature’s wrath, firewalled inside the official website of Ferrari, the pictures were published.

The team wanted to make amends for their comparatively poor show in the F1 racing circuit and therefore took immense pains in researching and developing their latest model.  Known and renowned for their perfection, this latest model is sure to be a tough one to beat.

The latest model has been designed under the supervision of Mr. Pat Fry, a veteran in this field, the new technical director of Ferrari racing team. After the Maranello cancellation, Ferrari is now looking at ominous signs, with another cancellation at the Fiorano due to the same reasons. The car makers haven’t got a chance to ride their brainchild onto the circuit even once, much to the disappointment of the F1 and Ferrari fans. The team might end up racing their car for the first time at the Jerez racing circuit in Spain where there are scheduled for their first official test drive. With just a week to go before the test, it seems the wait is finally over!

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