Ferrari Enzo successor making its way in 2012

It is not likely for the Italian master to roll out a production car every fortnight. Not every car gets to embrace the Prancing horse, but recently Ferrari pushed the pedal to metal with the FF, F12 berlinetta and scheduled for later this year, the successor of the legendary Enzo.

Italian subsidiary of Ferrari, the Fiat has announced that this year is going to witness the debut of another Ferrari, what is known as the Enzo’s successor, the F70. However, the unveiling will be limited to Ferrari VIPs and long-time clients only, the Automotive News Europe reported. Its official world debut will be in early 2013, possibly at Detroit or Geneva auto show.

Ferrari Enzo successor making its way in 2012

Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo unveiled the obvious, that theĀ Ferrari Enzo successor will be the fastest and most powerful in the lineup of Ferrari. This is bad news for F12 berlinetta, which made its debut at Geneva Motor show and is the current flagship of Ferrari.

According to reports, the F70 will be carrying a massive 7.3-liter V-12, capable of pumping as much as 800 hp, and with a supplementary KERS, it will deliver another 120 hp, giving a peak 920 hp output. The Italians made extensive use of light weight carbon fiber material for the body of this car, giving it a dry weight of 2500 lbs. And now you know why it is the fastest Ferrari ever. Coming with the F70 is a very sharp price tag, which is yet to be disclosed.

We shall keep you updated with the teasers and leaks of the iconic machine.

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