Ferrari FF Joins the Fleet of Dubai Police

It was the last week when we had been bestowed with informative bits that Lamborghini Aventador had made its way to the fleet of Dubai Police, and news came springing that Ferrari FF is a latest addition in the same cluster. On a remarkable note one may say that, Arabs are crazy for supercars and they can go to an extremist level for proving their fanaticism. Well, they have the oil wells rigged deeply in their seas and deserts, so no to worry about the fuel consumption at all, must be one of the reasons behind such high octane addiction.

Lest of such, we are drooling that do Italians have made their metals par the patrolling criteria, disappointingly the answer is “no”, and Dubai Police knows it very well too, so instead of catching the offenders and dragging them inside this beauty, there policemen are entitled boost tourism with this heavy piece of metal, and hence it is slated to be regarded for patrolling in the tourist areas itself, no other diversifications.

Ferrari FF joins Dubai police fleet
Overall, we had a suggestion for the Dubai Law and Order committee, as they can curb down the crime rates there by using these Italian wheels at its peak. Let us tell you how, if the regulatory body announces that, law breakers will be dragged inside this costly bugs after being caught offending with guidelines, then we think a lot of people will commit their crimes at first, because the chance of sitting inside it is worth that much, isn’t it!

On exclusivity, Ferrari FF boasts figures of 631 horsepower under the hoods of 6.3L V12, claiming positions adjacent to Lamborghini and Aventador and Chevrolet Camaro SS in the same fleet.

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