Ferrari FF launched with a starting price of Rs 3.42 crores

The Indian roads would soon see glimpses of the Ferrari FF’s rump. Ferrari today, launched their latest offering in the super car market with the Ferrari FF. This is a first of sorts for the manufacturer with a 4 wheel drive platform and also 4 seats. The Ferrari FF is priced at an exorbitant Rs 3.42 crores. This is its ex-show room price, Delhi.

By launching this car, Ferrari aims to capture a part of their customer base from those who are not only looking at exclusivity but also the practicality aspect as well. Legendary Italian design house Pininfarina have designed the Ferrari FF, which by the way stands for both 4 seats and 4 wheel drive. Most of the times, the FF would be rear wheel driven, however, detection of any wheel slip or loss of traction would immediately trigger the 4 wheel drive mode. A dual clutch 7 speed transmission and 650 Bhp producing engine is what comprises of the drivetrain for this Ferrari. 335 kmph is the restricted top speed of this beast. Not only is the FF a 4 seater supercar but it can also quite comfortably carry their luggage what with its 450 liters of boot space. In a bid to make its customers appreciate the practicality bit that comes with the FF, Ferrari have also made the rear seats to be pushed down completely to liberate about 800 liters of space. Keeping in mind the Indian customers obsession with fuel efficiency, the FF also has a 10 percent more fuel economy than the other Ferrari cars.

Ferrari FF launched with a starting price of Rs 3.42 crores

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