Ferrari LaFerrari First Crash Reported From Monaco

As most of us hadn’t seen the LaFerrari in actual, but those who stays in Monaco can have them all – the newest cars as well as their first accidents!

Here, not much details of the accident are gathered, as the new Ferrari was collided with the Volkswagen Golf. From the pictures, it can be made out the VW was taking a left turn in front of the LaFerrari and misjudged its speed. Hope so, the Golf’s driver may be new to the streets of Monaco as he doesn’t know how rapidly the Prancing Horse can cross the mark of 0-60 i.e. if specifically said it takes less than 3 seconds.

For some, this accident may not be the first crash of Ferrari LaFerrari, as the same model car was rear-ended in Italy in November 2013. Lets us brief about that, the one that was rear ended last year was a prototype, but this one is personally owned by a customer.

Ferrari LaFerrari First Crash Reported From Monaco

Hope so, the insurance official may be fainted after seeing this crash, because the LaFerrari costs a whopping $1.3 million and only 499 units are made.

Image Courtesy: Wrecked Exotics

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