Ferrari lifts ban for dogs at the museum in Italy

Pooch is the ‘best’ and sometimes ‘worst’ company ever. ‘Best’ can be concluded for being with it at home, and ‘worst’ when one has to go to an ultra sophisticated place like the one of its kind in the world Ferrari museum in Maranello, Italy.

Hopefully, being regarded as the most prestigious car brand, so its museum too, which we hope is the only they barred the visitors from taking their dogs inside it. But finally after the long time, the officials at Prancing Horse organization had lifted the ban quite literally. They had installed three cages in the museum premises which are of the run-of-the-mill structure, giving the pups a feeling of sitting in the cockpit of a Ferrari.

Although, the kennels are located at the shaded area of museum, it is attracting a lot of visitors despite the climatic eminence.

Meanwhile, there are only three of it being installed in small, medium and large sizes, it seems the carmaker had plans of planting more too.

Ferrari lifts ban for dogs at the museum in Italy

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