Ferrari Shows New Hybrid V12 Engine Concept

Ferrari reveals its greenest powerplant at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, an indicator of what to expect on Enzo substitute. The automaker has revealed its easily and newest most fuel efficient powerplant, which combines a conventional V12 engine with electric generator through a dual clutch transmission. It is an evolution of HY-KERS generator of 2012. The former powerplant was conceptualized for front engined architecture; however this new engine has been adapted to mid rear engine layout. It borrows greatly from Formula One program of Ferrari, particularly in KERS’ design system for optimizing brake distribution, torque management and traction control.

Ferrari Shows New Hybrid V12 Engine Concept
The Regenerative Braking System enables the electric generator for juicing up batteries, which deliver power to the 2nd electric generator situated ahead of the powerplant. This generator exclusively powers auxiliary systems such as air conditioning and power steering. Fascinatingly, the lightweight components use means the KERS system and fused transmission weighs just like the transmission on a traditional vehicle. Also distinctive is how this V12 powerplant fires manifold per stroke in the interest of best combustion efficiency. The automaker claims that the fusion of electric generators and more efficient V12 engine reduces emissions by 40% unlike the traditional V12 powerplant.

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