Ferrari Tops the List of World’s Most Powerful Brand 2013

Despite being so smaller in volume and value, Ferrari does manage to make on the top of all rivals in 2013 World’s Most Powerful Brand listings.

Ferrari stands at $3.6 billion figure in top 5 where other competitors who can be named as Google ($52.1 billion), Coca Cola ($34.2 billion), PwC ($16.4 billion) and Hermes ($4.5 billion) were also contending strongly. It wasn’t easy for the Italians to make it out, but their net margins, average per customer, marketing and advertising expenses, qualitative measures, brand affection and loyalty had made them to achieve 1st position on this podium.

The actual profit that Ferrari derived in the last year is $2.36 million.

Ferrari is the Most Powerful Brand 2013
However, keeping all mathematics asides, the famous sports car brand chairman Luca di Montezemolo exclaimed the overwhelming moment by saying that, “It is always a pleasure to top any list and still more so when the competition includes some of the world’s most famous companies. This achievement proves that even in very tough economic times, Italy can still offer the world businesses of excellence.”


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