Fiat 500XL Spotted for the First Time, India Launch Soon

After getting separated from Tata, Fiat is now exploring new routes to splurge glory in the Indian fraternity, while to an extent VW must be facing the heat due to its Italian rival, as becoming one of the most adored parent company in the world after him.

Here it is not the matter of the Volkswagen on our local shores because the conventional king of automobiles in India is Maruti, who had remained unbeaten in a long vested battlefield of metals, to screech down the crown many multinationals had forayed into the arena but disappointingly we had to say, they returned with not so sufficient sales figures on board. To some of the last extents, those foreigners have seen the miraculous changes in the automotive business of India, maybe due to increase in young buyers, and so their will power have resulted in the positive energy making them to pounce once again on the flesh and this is where now Fiat is standing on our land.

Challenging the monarchy rule once again, Fiat had chosen MPV segment, which is presently quite impressed with Maruti Ertiga, with the model plate namely 500XL in its kitty.

Fiat 500XL
500XL MPV is a complete seven seater, and is powered with different jags namely 1.3L Multijet and 1.6L Multijet II diesel whilst of 0.9L and 1.4L Multi-Air petrol.

Well, the bespoken nameplate is still hadn’t got into the production bay but is slated to happen by the end of this month and will make its European market launch in the next 2-3 months.

The picture which one can witness in this post is the first spied image of 500XL which is based on the extended platform of 500L. Though we need not have to worry, as the Italians this time have gotten serious about Indian terrain and hopefully the “Jeep” is going to be their next big launch of this season, of this year. There are other lined-ups too, and our expectations of 500XL with 1.3L Multijet goes strong on the India spec spring board.

Hence, no official words from the makers, lest the Fiat admirers can have a cheers as well. Days doesn’t seem to be too far when we will be covering this launch here on our beloved home-ground.

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