Fiat cancels the Decision of Plant Shutdown

Earlier the news came in that Fiat, Renault and Opel are going to shut their manufacturing units in order to curb losses incurred from slowdown sales. Not so clear about others, but now Fiat had cleared its way by cancelling its decision for the same.

At the opening of a new plant for luxurious Maserati, John Elkann, Chairman of Fiat, said that in spite of some heavy lashes we are affirming to continue our production.

Italy was a priority for this carmaker to roll down the shutter.

Fiat cancels the Decision of Plant Shutdown

Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive of Chrysler also assured that no plants will be shut down in Italy, as there were reports mentioning to reduce the factory units from five to four.

Organization also claims that the profits of 2012 third quarter are doubled up, on comparison with the same period of 2011.

The Italian carmaker is also going to announce the result of fourth quarter soon, which is perceived to change the fortunes for them. However, its officials are very much confident for the forthcoming figures as they say that their luxury brand had did very well in the boosting market of China.

We too agreed with the same, as China had changed fortunes for many carmakers, after all Jeep is a well perceived moniker among them.

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