Fiat-Chrysler eyes 100,000 – 200,000 Jeeps from the production house in China

Fiat owned Chrysler is expecting a lot from countries like China and India. Earlier, we had reported that it started the Jeep’s on-air promotion in India a long way before the launch. Now, news came that its CEO is expecting a production of 10 to 20 million units from the new manufacturing plant in China which is figured out with the partnership of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd. Hand shake was signed earlier this week.

On addressing some of the media persons in Milan, Italy Mr. Sergio Marchionne said, “We expect production of around 100,000-200,000 Jeeps per year.” He also added that the process will take off in the next 18 months.

Chrysler and Fiat Fiat-Chrysler Jeep

Chrysler Group LLC conveyed that, the decision of starting productions in China with its local carmaker Guangzhou Automobile Group is made in order to give some spine chilling vibes to the competitors.

Guangzhou Automobile Group

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