Fiat eyeing identity as a global automaker

On Wednesday, Fiat India announced it intended to continue focussing on exports in light of recent exports to Sri Lanka of their Fiat Linea. Sri Lanka would see Fiat Linea this week while Speed Italia would be taking care of the dealerships.

Expectations are high according to Fiat India that the Linea 1.4 would sell well in Sri Lanka. Around 72 cars would be exported to Sri Lanka out of which 50 are allotted to the Air Force functionaries of Sri Lanka that would be delivered when the company introduces the cars there.

When it comes to exporting their cars strategically, Fiat have begun tapping growth opportunities abroad and focusing on countries like Australia and Bhutan where cars are driven right handed. The Sri Lankan car market accounts for the sale of 20,000 units yearly, and Fiat eyes 5% in their debut year.

Fiat eyeing identity as a global automakerSouth Africa is already seeing Fiat cars in their market and Fiat have also started exporting to Nepal. The Linea cars that are exported now are very similar to those that are being driven in India. The Fiat Punto and Fiat Linea are huge hits already in countries like Nepal and South Africa.

Fiat India, CEO, Rajeev Kapoor, told the recent exports of Fiat Linea to Sri Lanka plays an important role to reach out International car markets and to establish their presence globally. He told the company were confident of reproducing the car’s success abroad and thereby stamping their authority and brand name across global markets. He says this step taken would provide Fiat the opportunity to be recognised as auto giants globally once again.

From India, the company has been able to export 4000 units of Fiat Punto and Linea to countries where cars are driven right handed.

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