Fiat India appoints Gurpratap Boparai as new chief executive officer

Fiat India Automobiles Ltd has made an announcement about the retirement of its President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Rajeev Kapoor.

As per reports, Mr. Kapoor retired after working for five years with the passenger car manufacturer.

Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, who turned 60, became part of Fiat in the year 2007 as Assistant Vice President, Manufacturing and Powertrain Section and adopted as head of Powertrain segment in the year 2009, where he was accountable for biz expansion and commanding all the roles of power train facilities such as manufacturing, finance, human resource and others.

Now, Mr. Gurpratap Boparai will take the position of Mr. Rajeev Kapoor.

Fiat India appoints Gurpratap Boparai as new chief executive officer

Mr. Gurpratap was thus fartaking care of the Power Train section of Fiat India.

Mr. Gurpratap Boparai owns the mandatorytalent as well as experience and will be accountable to expand the high-tech Ranjan gaonplant to advance heights under his management.

Mr.Boparaihas more than 20 years of experience in the field of automobile and has functioned with some of the highly esteemed firms Fiat India.

His trium phantspells comprise Ocap Chassis Parts Private Limited, Iveco, Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd, and Tata Cummins Limited.

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