Fiat India manufactures 5 lakh engines and 2.5 lakh passenger cars

Fiat India Automobiles Limited has achieved a great feat. The company has rolled out its 500,000th thousand engine and the 250,000th lacs car from its state of art manufacturing unit located in Ranjangaon in Pune. Fiat India Automobiles supplies its world class diesel and petrol engines to renowned automobile manufacturers in India like TATA Motors, Maruti Suzuki and Premier Automobiles limited.

Fiat India Automobiles Limited is the Indian subsidiary of the Italian car manufacture Fiat S.p.A which is among the top 5 automobile manufacturers in the world. While the parent company was established in the year 1899, the Indian subsidiary came into existence in the year 1997. Fiat India is a joint venture of the parent company with the renowned Indian brand, Tata Motors. After its construction, this subsidiary locally manufactured Linea, Punto and Palio Stile. This plant in Ranjangaon also manufactured Tata Indica. Premier Automobiles is actually not a subsidiary of Fiat but it had a license to manufacture Fiat 500 in India. Later on they obtained permissions to manufacture Fiat 1100 back in the year 1954. In the year 1973 the Fiat labels on the cars manufactured by Premier automobiles were replaced with “Premier” logos.

Fiat India Automobiles’ manufacturing plant in Ranjangaon has been constructed to promote a world class production in India and it focuses to ensure that the products are of supreme quality are rolled out which match the international standards. This plant manufactures both cars as well as engines. This plant is used by Fiat as well as its India partner, Tata Motors. The company has announced that they have manufactured their 250,00th passenger car as well as the 500,000th engine from this plant in Ranjangaon. Senior officials from both the companies have said that through this plant they will continue to roll out world class products that are a perfect example of engineering excellence which works according to the market trends.

Fiat Linea

The manufacturing facility allows localized production of Fiat cars which makes it possible for the company to launch their cars more competitively. This plant also helps both the companies to benefit from each other’s expertise and thus improve the overall quality of their products. This plant will be used by both the firms to launch some of their new products into the Indian market.

Fiat India Automobiles manufacturing facility in Ranjangaon is covering an area of 200 acres and is situated near Pune which makes it easily accessible. The company has hired more than 4000 personnel who either directly or indirectly derive their livelihood from this plant. To be more precise, the company employs a total of 2500 personnel directly while 1500 workers are employed indirectly by the company for this plant. These workers have contributed largely to the success Fiat India has seen.

This Indian subsidiary of Fiat S.p.A is a joint venture with Tata Motors in which both the firms have 50-50% stake ownership. The definitive agreement of this joint venture has been signed on the 11th of October in the year 2007. The board of directors for this company consists of 5 members which included officials from both the companies.

This plant in Ranjangaon is owned by FIAL and has an annual production capacity of 200,000 cars and 300,000 engines. In addition to this, the plant also produces 300,000 parts and accessories annually. The cars which are currently manufactured at this plant include Fiat Grande Punto, Linea as well as Tata Indica Vista, Indica V2 and Tata Manza. The plant also manufactures the company’s renowned 1.3liter Multijet diesel engine as well as the Fire gasoline engine of 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter capacity. Both the companies together have already invested more than 4000 crores in this Ranjangaon manufacturing plant.

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