Fiat now has 100 exclusive dealerships in India

The FIAT Group Automobiles India supporting the cause of artificial limbs for those who are differently able by associating with Jaipur Foot. The company has pledged that it will sponsor the limbs for people who deserve a much better life in accordance with 100 new exclusive dealerships. Fiat India is planning to make a big difference by mobilizing the lives of such individuals. The company will also be extending this caring gesture to its customers.

Fiat has committed to its fans all over India with 100 dealerships in a year. In order to meet its customer expectations and demands, the company is now present in 80 cities and 22 states. The company is further strengthening its presence in India by opening 8 dealerships in the Eastern region, 22 dealerships in the Western region, 29 dealerships in the Southern region and 41 dealerships in the Northern region. Looking at the commitment of the company towards the Indian market, they are expecting to extend the leadership to over 150 by the year 2014. The managing Director and the President of FIAT Chrysler India Operations has commented that, the company aims to add value to the lives of the Indian citizens by providing them with world class technology.

Fiat now has 100 exclusive dealerships in India
The Jaipur Foot is also based on the same incentive by providing artificial limbs. FIAT India is also planning to kick start another initiative along with the Jaipur Foot association, called the “FIAT Century Drive.” Through this new initiative, the company will provide benefits to its already existing customers. It will also initiate a digital contest for its fans in India.

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