Fiat to introduce Jeep models by next year end

Fiat is a renowned brand name in the Indian market which has emerged from Fiat India automobile limited. Fiat automobile ltd is a joint venture between Fiat group and Tata Motors limited.

It was announced earlier that Fiat will be launching its two new jeep models in India Cherokee and Liberty. However, due to some unavoidable reasons Fiat has plans to launch Cherokee and the Wrangler instead of liberty.

It is deduced that the aforementioned two models will be available by the end of next year 2013. Most probably, it will be released in the third quarter. However, it may be delayed till the fourth quarter.

Fiat to introduce Jeep models by next year end

Fiat is establishing it is own exclusive releases, since it has parted its ways. Now, the company has not only to create a new benchmark in the market, in fact it has to take the company to the highest level and set up the dealers across the country to give an easy access to the customers.

It is heard that the Cherokee will be competing BMW X3, Audi Q5, Mercedes Bens M-Class and Range rover Evoque. Both the models will be imported and price for the wrangler will between 20-28 lakh.

Fiat will plan separate dealership for Jeeps. The plans for separate dealership are not confirmed yet. However, most probably it will happen.

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