Audi India Opens 22nd Showroom in Kanpur

Audi is a big name in the automaker industry. The company has established 21 dealers so far across the country. Few days ago, it has opened its 22nd showroom in Kanpur.

It has an area of 4000 square feet and honeycomb facade exterior. The new showroom will be managing the Audi service facility also which will be located on the Lucknow-Kanpur road. According to the Audi’s strategy, high quality network growth is one of the pillars towards its success.

Also, the Audi India has revealed that it has planned to open a new 23rd office in Uttar Pradesh or Lucknow soon. By the end of 2012, 3 more showrooms are lined up.

Audi India Opens 22nd Showroom in Kanpur

Mr. Rahil Ansari inaugurated the new Kanpur showroom, head of dealer development.  Mr. Gautam Gard, managing director also accompanied him.

He said that it was a commitment to offer our customers an incredible luxury experience of top class products and grand services. He also added that the northern market gave a big contribution in order to establish this name in Indian market, since a substantial sales is coming from this region.

Audi India Opens 22nd Showroom in Kanpur

With the opening a showing in Uttar Pradesh, the company will be able to strengthen its foothold in this region.

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