Fiat will separate from Tata in sales operations by March next year

Italian car manufacturer Fiat will separate from Tata Motors in sales processes in the Indian market by March 2013 and proposes to have 80 dealers individually as the firmventures into yet another revival drive.

Fiat’s completely possessed Indian division Fiat India Automobiles Ltd (FIAL) is also making attempts to employ around 100 individuals for client facing roles.

FIAL Vice President (Commercial) Ravi Bhatia stated that they have a renewalprogram for the companyin the Indian market. For that, it is vital for them to finish the timely rearrangement of distribution system.

Fiat will separate from Tata in sales operations by March next year

By March next year, the no Fiat car will be sold under the subsisting Tata-Fiat combinedfranchises.

Previously in the month of May 2012, Fiat and Tata Motors had declared that they would realign their joint ventureset up in the year 2006, and the Italian auto manufacturer will go single for sales and distribution in the Indian market, in place ofmarketing its cars in Tata-Fiat brand marked showrooms.

But, the two auto giantshad maintained their affiliation in car and diesel engine making processes.

Fiat, which continued a solodrive in the nation in the year 1997 after separating with the Premier Group, had inked the joint venturedeal with Tatas as it wanted a reversal of luck in the country. The company has thus farstayed a borderline player.

Bhatia added that at this time, Fiat vehicles get sold in about 174 Tata-Fiat branded salesrooms in 126 towns in the country but these showrooms will become part of Tata Motors as per the separating contract.

By March 2012, Fiat will have attendance in around 67 cities belowtheirpersonal dealerships and they will cook up for the rest by the December 2013.

In addition tointensification of the sales system, FIAT will also be increasing its personnel.

Bhatia added that at present, they are in the process of recruiting freshstaff. They will be appointing 100, who will be mostly on client facing roles.

The company launchedfresh editions of its sedan Linea and hatchback Puntobelow the ‘Absolute’ series offering freebies worth around Rs 78,000 and Rs 67,000 respectively prior to the festival period.

The Linea is valued between Rs.6.96 lakh and Rs.9.35 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), whilst Punto comes at a range from Rs.4.96 lakh to Rs.7.36 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

When questioned regarding the company’s sales, Bhatia answered that it has declined because of the continuingconversion, and the firm is considering holding the current rate.

During the last month (August 2012), the company sold around 472 vehicles, which was55.85%down as against the corresponding month of 2011.

For the April-August period 2012-12, the company’s sales remained at 4,061 vehicles, down 48.44%as against the corresponding month of 2011.

Bhatia added up that the company will be making an investment on brand building exercise to adapt to the Indian market but did not share inside information.

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