First New Aston Martin Vanquish being Spotted in Dubai

We keep saying that Dubai is a hub of car fanatics and those oil rich sheikhs are the diehards of metal crafted beauties.

As per our earlier reports, this year Aston Martin celebrated its 100th birthday with a whole bang in Dubai by airlifting its metal on the Burj Al Arab’s helipad, as a first of its kind stunt till date, now it surfaced that a first new Vanquish is spotted in the mall of that particular international boundaries. Draped in red paint job, it is the part of a supercar gathering that had taken place in the shopping enclave on a scorching afternoon.

Vanquish is made by taking cues from One-77, as used light weight carbon fiber materials for chassis and body, to keep the weight on lesser side for gaining more speed. Concluding to the whole, it draws 565 bhp from a re-tuned V12 engine.

First New Aston Martin

Thus recently, McLaren P1 production spec was too spotted on Bahrain International Circuit, as justifying our prominent sayings to the core!

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