Florida Based Mike Duff builds his own Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron Imitation

The Bugatti Veyron is known for being one of the fastest cars on road. The brand recently entered the Indian auto market, but with its hefty price tag of $1.5mn, only a few people will be able to claim ownership of it. The price tag, however, did not deter Mike Duff, a 25 yr old Florida resident. Instead, Mike set out to build his own Bugatti Veyron, or an imitation of it, at least as far as looks are concerned.

Beginning with a 2002 complete Mercury Cougar car, Duff began to transform the exterior of the vehicle to look like the world’s fastest car. Using composite and fiberglass material to create the iconic lines of the Veyron, he laid it over a steel tubular frame. What followed next was a lot of buffing and professional paint job, till the car was almost ready.

Next, Duff moved on to working on the car’s interior, covering everything from the dashboard to the seats in leather. According to Duff, the project took 9 months for completion. The car even features back seats, a feature missing in the original sports car. What’s more, this car costs just a tenth of the price the Veyron sells for, with Duff planning to sell it for $89,000.

While Duff has managed to incorporate the Veyron’s looks into this model, he hasn’t been able to match up the car’s performance with that of the world’s fastest car. The car still features the original engine, a V6 2.5l engine that is capable of delivering around 170hp, in comparison to the million dollar Veyron’s, 16 cylinder 8l engine that delivers an incredible 1,000hp max power.

Even then, with a price tag of $89,000, the car is definitely a great buy for those who have always wanted to own one, but couldn’t afford to.

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