‘Flying Car’ concept might be introduced soon in India

As per latest information, a very interesting news piece has been relayed from Terrafugia, the US-based automobile manufacturer. Co-founder of the Company, Carl Dietrich, has stated that they are viewing the emerging automobile markets like China, India and Brazil to bring in the ‘Flying Car’, the innovative roadable aircraft. It is very much evident to all that the Indian car market has been flourishing with launches of new and concept cars as well as uniquely built models. The ‘Flying Car’, which is a unique concept car, will probably be globally introduced in 2012.

The Indians have been known to have a flair for innovative concept cars and there has also been a strong growth in their interest towards this segment of cars in the country. This has made India to be viewed as a potential market by the company in which they are planning to launch their latest products. The ‘Flying Car’ is expected to have a pricing of $279,000 and has reportedly generated more than 100 bookings, till date. The concept car is equipped with retractable wings – these will be folded along the sides of the car in order to provide a more car like appearance, once the car is on the road. The “flying car” will be easily transform itself into a flying object by expanding its wings outwards – 30 seconds is all that is required for the wings to spurt out into view making the car take the form of an aircraft. Being provided with retracted wings makes the ‘Flying Car’ compact enough for parking inside home garages.

'Flying Car' concept might be introduced soon in India

A sports pilot certificate has to be acquired by the prospective owners of the ‘Flying Car’. This can be done by flying this car, under keen observation of officials, for at least 20 hours. The owners can drive off their cars from their garages like other normal cars to the airport where they will have the car ready to take to its wings to cover a journey within 750kms of its runway drive. This car is low in weight and can comfortably accommodate two passengers and at the same time it has enough space for baggage. In a full-tank, the Flying Car is capable of flying a distance of 460 miles and can obtain a peak speed of 110 miles per hour.

Terrafugia, which is based in Massachusetts, was founded by some aeronautical engineering students from MIT.

'Flying Car' concept might be introduced soon in India

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