Ford and Toyota jointly plan to create the new hybrid technology

The dynamics of automobile industry is heading for a change by a new move. Reports suggest that Ford, American automobile makers and Toyota, Japanese auto giants have announced major plans of jointly developing a hybrid system for SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and light trucks.

Reports suggest that both the companies that are the leading manufacturers in HGE (hybrid gasoline-electric) car segment, have told they are aiming to bring hybrid technology to SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and pickups by not compromising on what drivers expected in rearwheel drive automobiles that are more powerful. The companies told that they would cooperate on this idea rather than competing with each other in developing this technology and hoped by this alliance it would help these vehicles getting into the market quite sooner. Their announcement states that Toyota and Ford believed their alliance would allow both of them to bring the hybrid technology to consumers affordably quite sooner than competing with each other in bringing this to the market.

The report suggests that the mutual understanding on the signed memorandum stated while the hybrid system would be jointly developed, the Japanese and US automobile makers would work separately in order to integrate the hybrid system into their own automobiles. The cooperation would also be extending the technologies and standards involved in the future generation of telematics systems, the IT (information technology) systems highly crucial in the operations of a vehicle.

Takeshi Uchiyamada, Executive VP (Vice President) of Toyota stated that they expected to create socially and exciting beneficial technology with Ford, and believed they could as the two companies have a lot of experience in creating a joint effect in telematics and hybrid technology. He told as time goes by they would still be competing hard as usual in creating greater cars for the future. He believes that their competitive stance would help increase the benefits for consumers and also for the society.

The report mentions the two companies would be signing a formal mutual cooperation agreement in a year.

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