Ford EcoSport 7-Seater edition under construction

American automobile giant, Ford, which has already introduced the EcoSport in a few markets comprising China, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, is yet to introduce the vehicle in the Indian market, and that must take place during the initial quarterly period of the coming year.

This declaration has been made by the company itself.

The key cause that turns the Ford EcoSport a much anticipated product is the actuality that the car will be valued very competitively because around 80 per cent of the content utilized to construct the car is local.

Ford EcoSport 7-Seater edition under construction
Now the hottest reports appearing is regarding the 7-seater edition of the car, on which Ford Brazil is functioning, but the sources are not confident whether it would come to the domestic market or not, as in the Indian market, the firm will roll out the sub-4 metre edition, whereas Brazilian Ford is proposing to construct the already 4.34 metres’ long EcoSport 10 centimeter larger to fit two extra seats.

And if it takes places in the domestic market, the value of the car would turn high as it would not be capable of obtaining the excise duty advantages that it presently avails being a sub 4-metre car.

Ford EcoSport 7-Seater edition under construction

Going 10cm longer, Ford EcoSport would look more lengthened as compared to the subsisting edition, but the wheelbase and doors will remain unaltered.

As per reports, the 7-seater Ford EcoSport will hit markets by the year 2015.

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