Ford EcoSport to come equipped with the Emergency Assistance system

Ford EcoSport is certainly one of the most awaited SUVs in India and is likely to witness a launch by June 2013. American auto giant is also taking tons of measures to make it a big hit. It is also possible that the bookings for the vehicles may start from June. Ford is taking all the steps to make it a sure hit in Indian market.The SUV is equipped with the various advanced technological features that also include Emergency Assistance System.

In case of an emergency the Emergency Assistance system will send an vital voice message to the emergency service providers stating that the vehicle has been met with the accident or is in some problem. The emergency Assistance System enhances the safety and quickens the response during any of the emergency situations as it will automatically alert the concern authority.

The company claims to be the first auto maker in India to provide such emergency and safety solution to the buyers. According to the company this system is termed as ‘Ford Sync’, this system uses the driver’s mobile through Bluetooth and it runs in the background once the mobile is connected through the Ford Sync. Once the mobile device is connected with the sync, after that it automatically connects with the drivers mobile once he/she enters the vehicle with his/her phone. The phone is turned on and the Bluetooth should be activated.

Ford EcoSport
According to the company, once the airbags are deployed and the emergency fuel pump is shutoff is activated, this feature will then use Sync to through a hands-free phone to connect the driver directly with the 108 (Indian emergency service number). Before initiating the call, the sync will be giving a 10 sec window to the driver or passenger to decide whether they want to initiate the call or just want to cancel it. If the call is not deactivated within 10secs then the Sync will create an emergency call.

The statement also says that if the accidents happen while the driver or the passenger is on another call then the Emergency Assistance System will end the existing call and will place a new call to the emergency number. Other than that the incomings calls will also be barred so that it will not interfere with the communication between the driver and the emergency operator. If in any case, the driver is not able to communicate with the operator then SYNC will be able to deliver a voice message automatically and will also provide the GPS location of the accident to the emergency services. This will help the emergency operators and service men to find the exact location of the accident and can also alert the closest possible medical officers and emergency teams. This can be quite helpful in worst case scenario and can become the thin line between life and death.

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