Ford Endeavor gets a facelift and the Ford Kuga has plans to arrive in India

There are two events that are to take place at Ford Motors. One of themis the much awaited release of the crossover from the American automobile juggernauts, which is set for an early 2013 release. The other is the release of a new facelift version of the Ford Endeavour SUV. It is being speculated that the Endeavor is going to come in with a lot many changes giving itself a significant upgrade. It is also being rumored that the new Ford Kuga is going to make its presence felt here in India with its new crossover model. The rumors are being fueled from the news that has stated that that Ford Kuga had been spotted at the ARAI. The ARAI (the Automobile Research and Association of India) is a government organization which deals with certifying new vehicles before they can be launched on the Indian turf. This is quite an excellent bit of news for the Indian market and the car fanatics back home.

This news is in conjunction with another speculation which states that Ford has plans to set forth on Indian soil in a much more elaborate fashion. It has intentions of releasing here a total of 8 brand new global products by the end of 2015. The first of this proposed plan has already seen the light of day in the form of the Ford Fiesta sedan, which released back in 2011. The next in line is the 2013 launch of the Ford EcoSport. Following up to these massive outings by Ford is the car focused in this content, the Ford Endeavor SUV. Next in line to the Endeavor is the Focus sedan followed up by Ford Mondeo which will precede the sub-level Figo small car in their launch here in India.

Ford Endeavor gets a facelift and the Ford Kuga has plans to arrive in India

Ford has played a great hand.The Ford Kuga is a strategic move which would fit quite well between the EcoSport and that of Endeavor in terms of price and specifications giving the customers a full range of choices from which to decide. The 2013 Kuga is going to be raving up the streets with its all new design and top of the line upgrades. It would include features like more spacious interiors, better styling and a number of engine options. The mentioned engine options include a 1.6L EcoBoost turbo petrol engine and a 2.0L turbo Diesel engine TDCI unit, and it is capable of coming in at two different horsepower ratings, one of which is at 140 bhp and the other is 163 bhp.

Ford Kuga has plans to arrive in India

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