Bangalore Ready To Obtain High Capacity Volvo 7400XL Buses, Trials Begin

Bangalore is ready to get the high powered Volvo 7400XL as the tests for the airy low floor city bus hasstarted in the city.

Mr. R. Ashoka, Home and Transport Minister, Government of Karnataka, gave the green signal to the trials from the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) Central Office.

Several company’s senior functionaries, state administration spokespeople and administrators of the BMTC were also there.

The Volvo 7400XL is unique owing to a variety of exclusive traits it possesses. The new Volvo 7400XL has become India’s first multi-axle city bus boasting a steered axle. The channelized tag-axle provides free movement to the bus even on narrow roads and around frequent city turns.

With a length of 14.5m, the Volvo 7400XL is ready to make public transport more favorable and even more effective since it backs up decent mass bus-based transport systems. With these vehicles, the commuters can have the benefit of a relaxed journey in quite lesser time.

Bangalore Ready To Obtain High Capacity Volvo 7400XL Buses, Trials Begin

The new bus will offer up mass transport with fewer buses and best possible resource usagetaking the Volvo city bus idea to innovative heights.

While talking on the test runs, AkashPassey, Senior Vice President, Business Region International, Volvo Bus Corporation and Chairman of the Board, Volvo Buses in India said that Volvo Buses has been at the front position of driving originality in mass transport solution and they are dedicated to driving the superiority of life for hoards of passengers in the country.

“As part of this promise we have showcased the Volvo 7400XL, part of our new range of buses, which highlight’s our efforts to make public transport the preferred choice of mobility in a city. The response to the Volvo 8400 city bus in 13 cities across India has been very encouraging and the Volvo 7400XL will take the Volvo City Bus concept one step further,” Mr. Passey added.

Volvo 7400XL will further perk up on the performance of Volvo 8400 in appealing people away from their private vehicles, thus saving additional fuel in addition to road space and cutting down carbon emissions.

The Volvo Buses has brought this fresh service after analyzing and understanding the arrangement of high performing bus applications in the Indian market for the last 10 years.

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