Ford Escort Returns in Shanghai

The renowned Ford Escort name has made a return at the much-awaited Shanghai Motor Show as an innovative compact saloon idea which’s powerfully tipped to make production.

The compact saloon section is worth over 5 million unit sales per year in the Chinese market.

By itself, it’s a section Ford is eager to expand its attendance in with a model fabricated particularly for the Chinese market.

In addition, the name ‘Escort’ has been picked as it is one, which holds resonance with Chinese purchasers; old Escorts are frequently cropping up at public sales to be purchased by Chinese consumers, and classic models get imported on a regular basis.

Ford Escort Returns
But, Ford refused the likelihood of a comeback of the name elsewhere comprising in the United Kingdom market.

In addition, the company has not disclosed any technical specifications of the vehicle up till now, but the styling of the idea is familiar to the company’s fresh design language, with Aston Martin like framework.

Ford Escort Concept
The styling of the concept is familiar from Ford’s recent design language, with its bulky Aston Martin style framework. The idea is portrayed by Ford as offering Chinese clients, “A fun filled experience, lofty level of know-how, excellent roominess, uncompromised practicality and classy design”.

Mr. Jim Farley, Ford’s sales and marketing chief stated, “This compact concept draws attention toward the potency of our universal One Ford approach to vehicle design, and symbolizes how we can take advantage of our worldwide design lingo to bring superior designs to possible vehicles.”

Ford Escort Returns Back View

“Designed with the Chinese consumer in intellect the new Escort idea has the prospective to fortify our product range here in the Chinese market as we make the most of the chances for diversification within the compact car section,” Mr. Jim added up.

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